I loved Ron’s webinar. His deep knowledge of anatomy, embryology, and physiology was so effortlessly woven together into an information-packed hour. It was easy to understand and immediately practical to bring into my practice. I so appreciate his views on how to listen to the body and the depth and intricacies he gets into during his teaching. This type of deeply holistic understanding is what I gravitate toward when looking for an amazing teacher. – Torry, Certified Rolfer, Craniosacral Therapist, Visceral Manipulation.


The embryological perspective that Ron always integrates into his teaching has been key to my grasping a solid understanding of our bodies and the techniques that can restore health. Thank you once again Ron! – Kathleen McBride, Rolfer® & Craniosacral Therapist


Rons ability to teach on a multidimensional level is exceptional. He is a rare teacher who delivers an remarkable amount of information in a practical way. Any class he offers is sure to enhance your practice. – Erin Chaba, 5th year Manual Osteopathic student with CCO


I offer a huge thank you and appreciation to Ron for taking the time to teach us this material with such insight and clarity.  This couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time, and the topic had a depth that I found was reflective of the “opposing forces” that are at play during these times as we begin emerging from the current events.  As practitioners many of us are returning to our practices in a new way and with new perspective. I found this webinar format to be a very relaxed environment and thoroughly enjoyed this. –

Barbara Schultze, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, Elan Osteopathic Clinic

Ron’s class about the clavicle as a key bone was by far the most informative, interesting and practical class i have attended in the past weeks.

I am a certified Advanced Rolfing practitioner, a certified Feldenkrais practitioner and i also have taken a fair amount of osteopathy classes with Jean-Pierre Barral and other European D.O.s. I have a private practice in Egypt where I work with the three methods in combination.

That is why i particularly enjoyed Ron’s teaching style which bridges between SI and Osteopathy. The presentation of the clavicle as a key bone based on embryological, bio-mechanical and functional considerations, and complemented with a few clear treatment techniques was a clever concept for a one-hour.

I have never met you in person, Ron. Taking classes with you was on my bucket list for a long time now. At last i had a taste of your teaching yesterday. I want more. -​Kind Regards, Marlyse Baumann, Dr. sc. nat. ETH Zurich


The knowledge you gain in Ron’s classes is extremely valuable, you will not find this information from a textbook. Ron teaches by gently inviting you in on his curiosity for the human body in a way which leaves you feeling inspired.. feeling inspired to leave open textbooks … in your kitchen, bathroom, living room table and everywhere else in between!

His clear passion for human anatomy, physiology and manual Osteopathy along with his love of his wife is beautiful to take witness to. Thank you again Ron.


Trisha Gilks, CAT(C), CSEP-CEP, Student of Osteopathy

Trisha Gilks Athletic Therapy


Ron’s online outperformed my expectations.  I felt like I learned so

much in such a short period.  I found Ron incredibly knowledgeable and

experienced while also remaining very authentic and humble.  Can’t

wait to study more with him.

Andrew Rosenstock

Certified Rolfer, Board Certified Structural Integrator, Certified

Yoga Therapist, Esalen Massage Practitioner, Reconnection-Certified



I have found often in my life things come to me from other places and that I need to pay attention to, because often these things are meant to be for reasons I don’t recognize initially. I have a client who has had trauma to the shoulder and clavicle areas. Ron’s presentation was incredibly inligtening for me. It was also very interesting for me to hear Ron speak of the Arcuate ligments relationship to the clavicle and neck as well as to the pelvis below. Also his references to structural integration gave me just a touch more of that thinking, assessment and prosessing to wet my apitite for more. Thank you so much for sharing!


Robert Reynolds LMT


I’ve taken a few of Ron’s live classes and they are always above and beyond. This class was no exception. I love the fact that he relies on a deeper understanding of anatomical principles and conveys that well in class. The only thing I picked up on that I would like him to touch on is “releasing the arcuate ligament”. He mentioned it in the beginning as a place to start when dealing with our “stand-upedness” but did not go back to it and demonstrate an example of his method of release. Perhaps not necessary now that I’ve grasped the principle, but always nice to see.

Rob Martin LMT, BCSI


Ron classes are always great, full with lots of information, he would explain the topics with different hats (as he calls it)

the fact that he is an osteopath, Rolfer and a Lauren Barry practitioner offers a a wide spectrum of learning.

Sylvia Ramirez

Certified Practitioner of the Rolfing Method of SI



I have not had the opportunity to take any of Ron’s classes yet, and jumped on this zoom opportunity! I am very glad I did! I’ve heard good things of Ron and im very Interested in gaining more opportunities in studying with Ron and his multifaceted “hats” approach to teaching.


In Richmond, VA, I’m a certified/Licensed massage therapist, Certified Advanced Rolfer and CranialSacral therapist through Dr. Jim Asher.


Stephen B. Waddell

Certified Advanced Rolfer™

of Structural Integration

And CranioSacral Therapist




As always, Ron’s class was resplendent with highly applicable information, which was delivered in a clear and concise manner. It’s a gift to have access to classes of this caliber in an online format during this time, a big thanks to all that made this possible.

Nancy Fatimeh Phillips

Naturopathic Doctor


Thank your for the fantastic lecture on the clavicle. It was very informative and had a good balance of influence from Ron’s amazing background, mentioning anatomy, embryology, Rolfing, Osteopathy and somatics. I found it intriguing and look forward to more opportunities to learn from his expertise.


More please.


Thanks again,



Osteopathy Manual Practitioner

Feldenkrais® Practitioner


It’s widely known that Ron Murray has great depth of experience and knowledge about the material he presents. His understanding is broad and deep, encompassing osteopathic, cranial, visceral, structural, emotional and even spiritual perspectives. Having taken many continuing education studies from a multitude of institutes and teachers, what I find extraordinary about Ron is his unique willingness to share whatever he’s learned. I know he’s spent enormous time and money over decades, studying with the finest osteopaths and teachers around the world, in his own search for understanding and mastery. His generosity in sharing that learning with anyone in his class is quite remarkable. If you ask the question, he will share his best gems of insight with you. He doesn’t hold out the info in order to sign you up for the next course…. He doesn’t need to — you just wanna be there.


Having taken most of Ron’s series of classes, and having sponsored them, I recommend his highly. Love his teaching!




I got so much out of today’s lecture! I connected so many client cases to the structural elements and stress related symptoms I’ve seen over the years. I am so happy I got to be a part of this and I got many useful tools both for self care and for getting back to doing what I love once it is safe to do so. Thank you!

Diane Heggen

Massage Therapist