derek gill

“My first class with Ron completely changed the course of my manual therapy career. He opened a door of possibilities, of a broader context, of a deeper understanding that I immediately knew I needed to walk through. I left my first class with him with a whole new frequency of tools to work with. You get the feeling that he locked himself in a room for 20 years surrounded by anatomy books the way he’s able to compare and contrast how different artists represent different structures and make small anatomical details relevant to treatment strategies.

Gone were the days of asking a specific question and being given a vague or philosophical answer. If details are what you crave, Ron is your teacher. Given his background as an Advanced Rolfer®, Berry Method Instructor, and Professor of Osteopathy the breadth of technique that you get exposed to varies from the very direct to the very subtle and every layer in between.

He takes his role of guardian and transmitter of the lineages he has come through very seriously, and pays tribute to their geniuses where it is due. Concurrently, he is also able to see the blind spots and biases in all of them from his wide spectrum viewpoint, and is thus able to illuminate potential traps in dogmatic thinking for those hoping to walk the same path.

I came to Ron’s classes as an Advanced Rolfer, several years later I am now an Osteopath myself, and recently I became a Berry Method Apprentice. To say that he has been a major influence in my trajectory as a manual therapist would be an understatement, and I look forward to learning from him for many years to come. Do yourself a favor, and sign up for his classes. You’ll never be the same again!”

- Derek Gill (DO-MTP (Canada), Advanced Rolfer, Founder, GlobalSI)