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Ron Murray

DOMP, Canada, Traditional manual osteopathy
Certified Advanced Rolfer®
Licensed Berry Method® Instructor
Licensed Massage Therapist

Ron Murray is a masterful teacher of Osteopathy and a Certified Advanced Rolfer. He is a former Professor at the College d’Etudes Osteopathiques and Canadian College of Osteopathy and taught for 13 years in Canada. His courses are highly sought after internationally for his coherent presentation of osteopathic theory and practice for Structural Integrators and other Manual Therapists. Ron became an Osteopath in Canada in 2003. He has been a massage therapist since 1985, a Rolfer since 1988, and a Licensed Berry Method Instructor since 1989. Ron’s special interests are functional applications of embryology to the therapeutic arts and spending time in nature.

“We use the study of embryology to understand the migration of tissues that we call adult anatomy.”

—Ron Murray

Ron Murray

IASI Membership

Milree Keeling

“I am again awestruck by the power of the work I have learned from you. I just saw a lovely 40 year old equestrienne 3 years post-resection of 2/3 of her right kidney, for an 11 cm benign vasopressor-secreting tumor. She had a chest tube, a drain, and a seroma of the distal wound. Felt limitation of movement and nervy zings on the right side. a left torso shift and posterior rotation of the right ilium were the only visual signs. I didn’t do any technique that I had not learned from you in the pelvis and diaphragm classes, except for Sharon’s scar work. But I used almost everything subtle with PRM that you taught me. And she moved me to tears with her increased mobility and said, ” I haven’t felt normal for 3 years until now.” xoxo, and good morning from a huge, huge fan. Thanks, teacher!”

— Milree Keeling