Principle-Based Advanced Manual Therapy Training

Principle-Based Advanced Manual Therapy Training

Deepen your understanding of human body treatment principles

Principle Based Advanced Manual Therapy Training

Ron Murray

Ron Murray


Manual Osteopath
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Advanced Rolfer®
Berry Method Instructor

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Watch “Clavicle as a Key Bone”, a training video for advanced practitioners that can be accessed on-demand.

In-person Advanced Manual Therapy Trainings

Ron Murray offers trainings in person.
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Live Webinars Schedule

Ron’s live online webinars will be offered in 2022. Please check back with us.

Hone your skills with Ron Murray’s trainings

Besides his Rolfing®, Berry Method®, and European Osteopathic training, Ron has done a lot of post-graduate trainings with some big contributors to the osteopathic field: Viola Fryman, DO; Guy Voyer, DO; Fred Mitchel, DO; John Wernam, DO; Loren Rex, DO; Conrad Speece, DO; Donald Hankinson, DO. Phillipe Druelle, DO. And many others.

He has taken what he considers to be the gold from all of the trainings he did, simmered it down to the principles behind what he learned, and passes it along to his students in an easily understood, effective way to view, assess, and treat clients.

Advanced Trainings with Ron Murray are available in the USA and Canada to structural integrators, massage practitioners, physical therapists, chiropractors and others. Ron’s programs feature small class settings to ensure that each student gets adequate attention.

Principle-based learning about the human body from a manual therapy perspective.

  • Evolve your anatomy understanding into inter-relationships of the anatomy.
  • Connect the dots between many trainings you have already taken, viewing the human body.
  • Ron teaches a pathophysiologic model of how sympathetic nervous system dominance, which is prevalent in society, impacts the three-dimensional anatomy of the human body, with emphasis on how the overall anatomy gets affected within the field of gravity.

Are you curious what courses are available? Visit our schedule of programs to explore Ron’s trainings or watch a video on-demand.

“We are always swimming in a lemniscate of perception, oscillating between micro and macro anatomy awareness.”

—Ron Murray

Sue Hitzmann and Ron Murray

Ron Murray chats with Sue Hitzmann, creator of the MELT Method® about Rolfing, Osteopathy and more. If you’re a bodyworker, therapist, mover, or curious mind, listen in.


“Taking a class with Ron Murray is like getting a direct transmission from AT Still. His understanding of osteopathy pours out of him. At the same time, he integrates the depth of his osteopathic training with the foundational elements of Rolfing. By taking Ron’s workshops I have grounded this teaching in a way that has deepened my scope of practice and expanded my own vision of what a body is.”

— Carol Agneessens, M.S., RCST., Certified Advanced Rolfing Instructor and Rolf Movement Instructor

“I attended your workshop in Austin over upper extremities. I really appreciated your teaching style and the amount of support and follow up you showed with each and every student. A more difficult way to teach and a much appreciated one. Thank you for your work. I will gladly continue to work with you in the future.”

— Jeffrey DeGeorgio

An Osteopath’s View of the Clavicle as Keybone

Watch a Professional Training with Ron Murray

In this video, The Clavicle as Keybone, Ron Murray blends his Rolfing approach with an Osteopathic viewpoint. Gain new insights into the relationship and function of the clavicle to enhance a more global understanding of the body.