"My first class with Ron completely changed the course of my manual therapy career. He opened a door of possibilities, of a broader context, of a deeper understanding that I immediately knew I needed to walk through. I left my first class with him with a whole new frequency of tools to work with. You get the feeling that he locked himself in a room for 20 years surrounded by anatomy books the way he's able to compare and contrast how different artists represent different structures and make small anatomical details relevant to treatment strategies. Gone were the days of asking a specific question and being given a vague or philosophical answer. If details are what you crave, Ron is your teacher. Given his background as an Advanced Rolfer, Berry Method Instructor, and Professor of Osteopathy the breadth of technique that you get exposed to varies from the very direct to the very subtle and every layer in between. He takes his role of guardian and transmitter of the lineages he has come through very seriously, and pays tribute to their geniuses where it is due. Concurrently, he is also able to see the blind spots and biases in all of them from his wide spectrum viewpoint, and is thus able to illuminate potential traps in dogmatic thinking for those hoping to walk the same path. I came to Ron's classes as an Advanced Rolfer, several years later I am now an Osteopath myself, and recently I became a Berry Method Apprentice. To say that he has been a major influence in my trajectory as a manual therapist would be an understatement, and I look forward to learning from him for many years to come. Do yourself a favor, and sign up for his classes. You'll never be the same again!"
- Derek Gill (DO-MTP (Canada), Advanced Rolfer, Founder, GlobalSI)

"I took Ron Murray's pelvis class a couple of years ago. I have subsequently taken two more classes. It is a joy to be a student in these class. Ron has a strong basis in Rolfing, and also has a Doctorate in Osteopathy. In addition, his studies with the Lauren Berry work give his teaching a very hands on, practical flavor. The class holds a nice tension between structure, function, and application of technique. I was enlghtened about many aspects of the body, and how to bring this information to our work. I strongly recommend Ron's courses to anyone who is persuing a deeper education in Rolfing, and an inquiry into the nature of the body. I use what I learned from Ron every day in my clinical practice."
- Jan Sultan (Certified Advanced Rolfer and Advanced Rolfing Instructor)

"Taking a class with Ron Murray is like getting a direct transmission from AT Still. His understanding of osteopathy pours out of him. At the same time, he integrates the depth of his osteopathic training with the foundational elements of Rolfing. By taking Ron's workshops I have grounded this teaching in a way that has deepened my scope of practice and expanded my own vision of what a body is."
- Carol A Agneessens (Certified Advanced Rolfer, Rolfing and Rolf Movement Instructor, member since 1981, Craniosacral therapist)

"Ron Murray is an excellent instructor. His lectures and demos are clear, straightforward, and practice sessions useful. I would definitely recommend his pelvis class, and look forward to taking the other modules as soon as I can fit it in my schedule!"
- Libby Eason (Certified Advanced Rolfer, Rolfing Instructor)

"I just returned from Ron Murray's Pelvis class in Santa Fe. Ron and I were in an Advanced Training at the Rolf Institute in '97 and I had the privilege of exchanging work with him and witnessed his passion for learning first hand. At that time I took some of his Berry Method classes for the shoulder and lower extremities and still use much of that work to this day. Now, following his Osteopathic training, extensive extracurricular studies beyond the required curriculum and rigorous teaching schedule, Ron is on fire. His exceptional experience, skill as a practitioner and maturity as a presenter feed these classes with useful techniques and an organizing set of principles that contextualize and inform our work as SI practitioners. I cannot say enough about the appreciation I have for the gift that Ron brings to manual therapist in his generous offerings. Thanks to Jill Gerber for organizing another awesome class and of course to Ron for his knowledge and skill."
- Jonathan Martine (Certified Advanced Rolfer, Fascial Anatomy and Rolf Movement Instructor, Pilates Instructor)

"I have taken 2 class with Ron a couple yrs ago. I have taken MANY classes over the years, as well as attending the Canadian College of Osteopathy. Within that time of have come across many teachers, with many styles, some I have liked and disliked. Ron's understanding of the human body, anatomy and physiology and osteopathy, is not only unique, but like no other. He takes a difficult topic, simplifies it through hands on practical demonstration and application. If you are looking for a course to learn just techniques, this is not for you. If you are looking for a course and educator that will help to deepen your understanding of the human body, its connections, thus allowing you to listen to the inherent nature of whats in your hands, Ron's courses are where it is at!"
- Josh Rubin, OTR/L, CNMT, Manual Osteopathic Student (CCO)

"I have just returned from my fifth class with Ron Murray, which was a detailed journey of the shoulder girdle and arm. I am humbly in awe at the amount of information that is covered, in exquisite detail. Ron gives references in assessing, treating and corrections from his studies with Lauren Berry, the Rolf Institute, and his extensive osteopathic studies. The class is a tour of anatomy, taught with the deepest respect of the human body and it's functional relationships. I found tremendous value of integrating specifics of anatomy with relationship to embryological development. It is a joy for me to have Ron included on the list of my significant teachers, and I look forward to continuing the journey."
- Karen Lackritz (Certified Advanced Rolfer, LMT, Rolf Movement Practitioner)

"Ron's brilliance and clarity shine through in every aspect of his teaching. I marvel at the diversity and scope he offers in his classes. The way he builds the course and the sense of inclusiveness and trust he brings to the group creates a great learning environment. His rebellious nature coupled with his sensitivity is a breath of fresh air. His brilliance always shining through."
- Keli

What I really love about learning from Ron is that he is knowledgable, accepting and sincere. His background of structural integration and layering of osteopathy on top of this makes a wonderful mix of both direct and indirect techniques. His classes are organized, on schedule and productive. My clients have reaped great rewards as I have implemented what I have learned from Ron into my background of KMI and the Franklin Method. So exciting that we all create our own great recipes!! ! I am looking forward to our next class on the cranium/cervical area."
- ZoyaMarie

"I am again awestruck by the power of the work I have learned from you. I just saw a lovely 40 year old equestrienne 3 years post-resection of 2/3 of her right kidney, for an 11 cm benign vasopressor-secreting tumor. She had a chest tube, a drain, and a seroma of the distal wound. Felt limitation of movement and nervy zings on the right side. a left torso shift and posterior rotation of the right ilium were the only visual signs. I didn't do any technique that I had not learned from you in the pelvis and diaphragm classes, except for Sharon's scar work. But I used almost everything subtle with PRM that you taught me. And she moved me to tears with her increased mobility and said, " I haven't felt normal for 3 years until now." xoxo, and good morning from a huge, huge fan. Thanks, teacher!"
- Milree Keeling

"I attended your workshop in Austin over upper extremities. I really appreciated your teaching style and the amount of support and follow up you showed with each and every student. A more difficult way to teach and a much appreciated one. Thank you for your work. I will gladly continue to work with you in the future.
- Jeffrey DeGeorgio